Thank you for your interest in California Bullies and for taking the time to read about us.
We are located in Central California, making it convenient for others to visit our kennel. California Bullies started in 2002 but quickly had to take a break when I enlisted in the United States Navy in 2003. When I got out of the Navy in 2007 I really wanted to get an English Bulldog. Ever since I was a little kid English Bulldogs have been and still are one of my favorite breeds. I cashed out my retirement savings from the Military and got my first English Bulldog in 2008 named Hooch.

California Bullies is a family oriented kennel that treats our pets just like our kids, with love. Our pets are not outside pets but indoor pets. We pride ourselves in quality over quantity. We want to give you the best experience possible when looking for a pet and help you with your new family member whenever you have questions. When you get a puppy from us you are getting more than a pet, but an extended family that will be here for you.

We have American Bandogges, English Bulldogs, and XXL Bullies. We have one of the largest American Bandogge females, not saying the largest but the largest that we know of. Our English Bulldogs are excellent for the breed. They do not show any problems with hip dysplasia, skin problems, respiratory problems, or other issues that are common in the bulldog breed. We are new in the XXL Bullies but have done a lot of research and shopping for the best that we can find to make the best for the future of the breed.

California Bullies wants you to have a comfortable experience. We do not want someone to just adopt one of our pets unless they are certain that this is what they want. We do not persuade or pressure anyone because that’s not why we are here. We are here for the breeds and producing a better breed. We hope to hear from you and we are only an e-mail or phone call away if you have any questions.
Thank you,